AEB (previously known as Forward Emergency Braking) uses radar technology to monitor a vehicle's proximity to the vehicle ahead, giving the driver audible and visual display warnings to help the driver reduce the vehicle's speed if a potential frontal collision is detected. If the driver fails to respond, the AEB system can apply the brakes, helping the driver to avoid the collision or reduce the speed of impact if it is unavoidable.

  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)1, an element of Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield Technologies, helps avoid or reduce the severity of potential frontal collisions
  • AEB standard on seven of Nissan's most popular models, including the best-selling Rogue, Altima and Murano
  • More than doubles the number of AEB-equipped Nissan vehicles versus 2017 model year
  • Other available safety, security and driving aid technologies include Intelligent Around View (I-AVM), Intelligent Distance Control (I-DC), Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention (I-BSI), Intelligent Lane Intervention (I-LI) and Intelligent Driver Alertness (I-DA)
1. AEB cannot prevent accidents due to carelessness or dangerous driving techniques. It may not provide warning or braking in certain conditions. Speed limitations apply.

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